Quality Commitment for suppliers

SPHEROS GmbH is committed to meeting customer and end-user expectations at the highest level through a strict quality management system. The important role of the supplier is placed firmly in the foreground in achieving this aim.

This 'Quality Commitment for Suppliers' provides the basis for our working relationship. It defines quality requirements for the development, production and inspection and testing of supplied parts and services. SPHEROS GmbH promotes and develops team work together with its suppliers. A precise definition of requirements along with communication on all levels allows for a working relationship that encourages a open association with ideas and issues.

SPHEROS GmbH expects its suppliers to adhere to those items listed in the Quality Commitment, which are a constituent part of every order. The suppliers are obliged to ensure that their own sub-contractors also fulfil the requirements of this Quality Commitment.

Given that our suppliers have a considerable influence over the performance of SPHEROS GmbH, those customer requirements defined by the vehicle manufacturers will also apply to our suppliers by way of this Quality Commitment. SPHEROS GmbH expects its suppliers to develop their own quality management systems in line with the requirements of the international quality standard, EN/ISO 9001:2000. This will allow them to fulfil all statutory and safety requirements and to supply SPHEROS GmbH reliably with zero-defect parts.