Innovation Award REVO E 2014

Innovation Award Citysphere 2010


Progress through initiative

Innovation at Spheros goes beyond the continuous development of all product lines. Instead of waiting for specific requests, our specialists independently develop total solutions in anticipation of future customer requirements. In addition to ensuring a high degree of functionality, they are constantly trying out new avenues in design.

This allows us to build, for example, air conditioners which run on various coolants currently under discussion. Or heaters that already satisfy environmental standards which will not be mandatory for several years. Our technical solutions are committed to environmental protection and increased cost-effectiveness, not to mention the personal well-being of the individual bus passenger.

Each innovation is put through its paces at the new development and test centre at company headquarters in Gilching, Bavaria, where a large climatic chamber for overall system tests and numerous component test facilities, together with values obtained from the company's two test buses, provide information on the function and reliability of the air conditioning systems. Whereas air conditioning systems are tested at Gilching and the Spheros plant at Caxias do Sul, Brazil, there are further test centres for heaters, pumps and components in Neubrandenburg, Germany, and for hatch systems in Turku, Finland.